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If you are not a Coca-Cola UNITED employee and have inadvertently arrived here, you may click “Home”  to find out more about who we are.  For example … the “What’s happening…” gallery of events and promotions, Coca-Cola UNITED’s core values and franchise territoriesAsk Coca-Cola anything link, Nutritional Facts about any product we serve, and so much more!

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Signing in to Employee Resources

    1. Your “Employee Number” can be found on your paycheck above your name.
    2. “Username”:  Enter your 5 or 6 digit employee number 
    3. “Password”:  ONLY use the last 5 digits of your Social Security number including any zeros within the last 5 digits.
    4. If you are not able to sign in to the Employee Resource website, let us help. Please click here. 


CONA Portal

You must sign in to Employee Resources to get to the CONA link.  If you are able to get into the Employee Resource site BUT NOT able to get past the signon page of CONA, Contact CCBCU IT Service Desk – CONA Locations:

Email (Click): Let us know you can’t get past the CONA portal
In the subject line, type “Cannot get past CONA Portal signon”
Extension: 23299
Externally: (205) 849-3299
Toll Free:  (888) 772-2653

As a reminder, the Employees Resources site is a secure pathway to the CONA portal/site. The Portal is accessible via a link/url in the grey “Quick Links” block. If you are unable to log onto CONA, here are a few helpful points  …

• The CONA User ID is NOT the same as the Employee Resources Username (use your e-mail address or your CONA ID example UN123456 )
• The CONA password is NOT the same as the Employee Resources password
• Please refer to the directions given you during training or visit a Kiosk where the directions are available for review.