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Frequently Asked Questions

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These FAQ's have been developed to answer some of the common questions regarding training for you and your associates. If you have further questions or need verification on a specific question, please contact the Learning & Development Department at L&

Q: I want to send my employees to training. What do I, as a supervisor, have to do?
A: This depends upon the type of training desired. If on-line courses are desired, go on-line to Coca-Cola United University and log onto one of our virtual campuses. The Bottler's Learning Center has hundreds of courses on various topics including the Coke System and soft skill training. If the course is unique to Coca-Cola United, log onto UU Coke Campus. If an instructor-led course is desired, complete the "Request a Course" form.

Q: How do I access
A: The virtual campus has limited availability. Contact L&D Support for information on accessing this campus.

Q: I have a few part-time employees in my area. Can I send them to training?
A: Yes. Part-time employees may attend.

Q: Employees have asked me whether they will receive their normal salaries while in training. What should I tell them?
A: When training is required by the Company, employees will be compensated as regular work time. This typically includes instructor-led training held during work hours. Employees who choose to take course online through one of our e-learning campuses do so on their own time without compensation.

Q: How do I process a request for specialized training?
A: Go on-line to CCUU and "Request a Course."

Q: I have a few employees who received less than satisfactory performance evaluation scores. Can the L&D Department help them improve their skills?
A: Yes. We can work with supervisors to identify the training needs of the employees and find the best suited training methods to help them improve their performance deficiencies.

Q: What do I do to cancel a training session?
A: To cancel a training session, you must notify the Training Manager at
205.943.1268 as soon as possible, but no later than the day before the class.

Q: If I attend training provided by a third-party vendor, is there anything that I need to do after the training is completed?
A: Yes. Employees who attend off-site training should submit a summary of the nature and purpose of the training, as well as the date of the training. This allows the L&D Department to record the information in your individual training record.

Q: Some of my employees want to learn computer skills. Do you have computer training?
A: Yes. Employees can learn many popular software programs like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Classes are available for beginner level up to intermediate and advanced. This training can be delivered on-line through self-paced courses or instructor led.

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